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The Trails

The Trails

The refuge has five main trails. Each trail is identified below with its own color, level of difficulty, and trail distance.

BLUE TRAIL (Blue, Difficult, 0.4 mi.) – A short path off Circle Trail on a shady ridge, it was the first trail established at the Refuge.

BLUEBIRD TRAIL (Light Blue, Easy, 0.5 mi.) – Circling Island Pond, the trail goes through a meadow planted with warm season native grasses.

BROOKS HOLLOW TRAIL (Light Green, Easy, 0.7 mi.) – Beginning at Woodland Pond dam, the trail passes alongside Green Heron Pond and crosses Brooks Hollow Creek.

CIRCLE TRAIL (Red & White, Moderate, 2.2 mi.) – Encircles Huckleberry Ridge and traverses some lower slopes.

CROSS TRAIL (Medium Blue, Easy, .3 mi.) — Connecting trail between Brook Hollow and Island Pond Meadow.

DEER TRAIL (Dark Green, Easy, 0.3 mi.) – A pleasant, easy walk through the woods.

FORK TRAIL (Orange, Easy, 0.6 mi.) – A loop trail circling a warm season native grass meadow with a spur to the North Rolling Fork River. Caution: never enter a swiftly moving stream.

GREEN HERON POND TRAIL (Lt. Green, Easy, .16 mi.) — Gentle trail crossing Woodland Pond Dam and connecting to Deer Trail.

RIDGE TRAIL (Red, Strenuous, 0.6 mi.) – Takes you up and down three crests of Huckleberry Ridge and is well worth the climb.

WILDFLOWER TRAIL (Blue, Easy, 0.5 mi.) – A loop trail near the bridge on Carpenter Creek Rd., this trail features a cliff side walk with an exceptional display of spring wildflowers.

WOODLAND POND TRAIL (Green, Easy, 0.4 mi.) – A loop off Bluebird Trail, with a beautiful view of Woodland Pond.

YELLOW TRAIL (Yellow, Moderate, .38 mi.) — A gently rolling trail with a steep slope that connects to Circle Trail.



  1. Robert Pendygraft

    JP, please note that the trail description still has the Waterfall Trail listed as blue in color. It should be yellow. I think this was an oversight on one of earlier maps and has not been corrected.

    1. ckwr.org

      We have a new map on the page and still in process of making everything accurate. Thanks Rob!

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